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Convenience for tourists

Zim Carry, a luggage storage and transporting service, has moved to the first floor at Busan train station.
Travelers can get very tired when bringing their luggage from places like Busan Station or Gimhae International Airport to accommodations.
Sometimes, they just want to get the fun started right away and go see some sights, eat some food and not have to worry about all of that. What's a traveler to do? Zim Carry is here to help. Mixing jim, which is the Korean word for luggage with the English word carry, Zim Carry provides tourists options on how to get their trips to Busan started fast. Through the service, people can either have their luggage transported to their accommodations, or have it stored at Zim Carry offices at either Busan Station or Gimhae International Airport for later collection. Luggage can also be transported from accommodation to accommodation for those staying in multiple locations.
Luggage can currently be delivered to several locations in Busan, including the Gwangalli area, Haeundae, Songjeong, Gijang and Seomyeon, with plans to expand coverage.
Those looking to try this service can check it out at Busan Station, at CJ luggage storage on the second floor for domestic flights at Gimhae International Airport (gate 4) and at the other CJ luggage storage area located on the third floor of the international flights terminal of the airport. Delivery service fee at Busan Station is 15,000 won, while fees at Gimhae International Airport are 20,000 won if carriers are larger than 26 inches. If your cargo is less than 26 inches, the service fee is cheaper by 5,000 won. Those who would like Zim Carry to hold their parcels instead can save significantly. That service costs 3,000 to 5,000 won depending on parcel sizes. Some restrictions apply.
-Reservation: 070-8823-1818;