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⁠⁠KIIP going!

KIIP helps expats learn Korean and culture.

The Korea Immigration and Integration Program (KIIP) is a social integrating course designed to help foreigners adjust to Korean society. It provides participants with a number of education programs which help them to learn the Korean language, culture and customs. Those who finish the programs will obtain various benefits such as comprehensive as-sessments, exemption of interviews and recognition of literacy requirements for naturalized applicants. Its education course contains five levels. Participants are required to perform pre-evaluation and will attend whichever class is deemed suitable based on that pre-evaluation.

Visit to start the process. Moving forward, those choosing to take the level tests will be required to submit a 30,000 won application fee. Refer to the accompanying table for pre-evaluation and evaluation application dates.
The program is available at several locations: the Center for the Integration of Foreigners, the Yeonsan 4-dong Community Service Center, the Banyeo Comprehensive Social Welfare Center in Haeundae, the Gyeongnam Migrant Cultural Center in Gimhae, the Gupyeong Comprehensive Social Welfare Center on Eulsukdo Island, the Dream C.T. Multi-Cultural Community in Toseong-dong, the Saha-gu Multi-Cultural Family Support Center, the Samsan Foreign Residents Support Association and the Migrant Cultural Center in Gwaebeop-dong and the International Culture Lifelong Education Center in Dadae-dong.
-Information: Hi Korea, E-Government for Foreigners (1345 within Korea) or the Busan Immigration Office, (051) 461-3083);

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