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Shorter commutes!


Sanseong Tunnel is officially open for business.  

Opened last month, the city hopes this new 5,620-meter east-west connector between Hwamyeong-dong (neighborhood) in Buk-gu (district) and Jangjeon-dong in Geumjeong-gu will help alleviate rush hour traffic congestion in notoriously crowded areas such as Mandeok Tunnel. 

Drivers can expect to see a whopping 20-minute reduction in their commutes between Hwamyeong-dong and Jangjeon-dong as a result of the new tunnel, from an estimated 27 minutes to seven minutes.

This new tunnel is part of ongoing commuter improvements in the northeast area of Busan. An underground roadway is expected to open March 2020 that will connect Sanseong Tunnel in Jangjeon-dong to the Heodong Interchange of Beonyeong-ro, which is an urban expressway. 

About 17,000 drivers are expected to utilize the newly-opened Sanseong Tunnel with that number rising to near 40,000 when the underground roadway extension is complete in two years.