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  No smoking outside metro stations

  The entrances to all Busan Metro stations have been officially designated non-smoking areas. Going into effect last month, anyone caught puffing within 10 meters from the entrances may be subject to fines following an evaluation period.

 The ban comprises almost 750 areas of the city, including all numbered Busan Metro stations, all Busan-Gimhae Lightrail Transit stations and the Donghae Line. The city plans to conduct intensive surveying of the non-smoking areas, particularly during peak commuting times in the mornings and evenings, for five months. From Sep. 6 onward, a 20,000 won fine is expected to be imposed on anyone caught smoking at the metro entrances. 

 The smoking ban was made in response to the many complaints that have been made by the public in regard to the effects of second-hand smoke and the inconvenience of non-smokers having to deal with cigarette smoke when entering or exiting metro stations. 

 This most recent prohibition is the latest effort by city officials to curb public smoking. Previously, designated non-smoking zones within 10 meters of bus stops were introduced and another ban coming in December will prohibit lighting up within 10 meters of daycare centers and kindergartens.