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Enjoy Busan

Let tour guides BTS walk you through Busan

다대포 해수욕장




BTS is all the rage these days, both at home and around the world. Band-mates Jimin and Jungkook grew up in Busan and call the city home, but what do other members of the group have to say about our town? Many of the places they know and love are also regarded highly by Busan citizens, but perhaps BTS's views on Dadaepo Beach, the Citizen's Park and other locations can help bring about a new perspective. Follow BTS as they guide you around Busan!


Jimin: Dadaepo Beach 

Following the Nakdonggang River all the way to its end out west will bring you to Dadaepo Beach. This particular spot strikes a chord with BTS fans, because Jimin posted a video on Instagram in 2016 all about how much he loves the sunset there. While the Dadaepo sunset is indeed something to write home about, there are other attractions that the beach has to offer. The Sunset Fountain of Dreams, listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest floor music fountain, and the nearby nature trail are two experiences awaiting you, your friends and your family at Dadaepo Beach.

The beach is located at the intersection of the East Sea and the Nakdonggang River with wide mud flats and sandbars that differ from Haeundae and Gwangalli Beach. Walking along the eco trail, you may be able to see the sandbar filled with many creatures like small crabs and shellfish. If you arrive before sunset and walk along the trail, you may notice Dadaepo's sands appearing golden in color in front of the sparkling blue sea. Against this background, you might also catch a glimpse of the Sunset Fountain of Dreams. 

▶ How to get there: Dadaepo Beach (Metro line 1), exit 4. 




V: Busan Citizen's Park

The next stop in the footsteps of BTS is Busan Citizen's Park. Located in the middle of town amid over 850,000 trees, the park is a beloved spot for old and young people alike. It has a wide range of amenities, providing a water playground for children and several cultural and artistic facilities and markets. 

Ahead of the city fan meeting in June, V enjoyed a walk in the park and posted a message onto BTS's Twitter account saying, "I love Busan." The course that V took is from the south gate to the north gate. 

The site around the Citizen's Park has seen many changes throughout the years. It was once a racetrack, but it was converted into a base camp that mounted Japanese troops used for the entirety of colonial rule. After the Second World War, the site became a U.S. military base, but it finally returned to the citizens in 2011 and re-opened as the park we know and love today.

▶ How to get there: Bujeon Station (Metro line 1), exit 7. Cross the crosswalk through the back gate of Bujeon Railway Station. 



RM: Space Lee Ufan 

RM, the leader of BTS, is a known art lover, so he naturally visited Space Lee Ufan at the Busan Museum of Art in Centum City. This exhibition showcases a collection of works of modern art master Lee Ufan. 

Lee is one of the leaders of Korean modern art and has won several domestic and international awards, including the UNESCO Art Prize in Paris and the World Culture Prize in Japan. He had a number of individual and group exhibitions at major museums around the world, such as the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Alte Nationalgalerie in Berlin. 

Lee grew up in Busan, and Space Lee UFan was created to honor him. Surrounded by glass and concrete, the first floor of the rectangular building features eight works by the artist, while the second floor showcases 13. Many of Lee's works are combined with the sculptures installed outdoors, which links his work together in a unique manner. RM expressed admiration for the "Wind" series in particular. 

▶ Hours: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Closed every Monday 

▶ Admission: 3,000 won (2,000 won for Busan residents)

▶ How to get there: BEXCO Station (Metro line 2), exit 1. Go straight for 5 minutes. 



Hometown Heroes 

To fully follow in the footsteps of BTS, the Busan Toursim Organization has outlined famous places in Mandeok and Geumjeong-gu (neighborhood) that are connected to Jimin and Junkook. 

First, the Jimin tour consists of Geumjeong-gu's attractions such as Hoedong Elementary School. The school is now closed, but it is now the Hoedong Maru, which is an education experience center comprising of a creativity workshop and a spot for nutrition education. There is also Seodong Miro Market (서동미로시장), which is full of delicious restaurants, as well as Momos Coffee, which took first place in this year's World Barista Championship. 

Starting at Mandeok Station, the Jungkook Tour consists of Baekyang Elementary School, where Jungkook attended, and continues to Lego Village, an attraction that resembles Lego blocks, followed by Busan Garden (famous for duck meat) and Byeongpungam Seokbulsa Temple, a temple in the mountains that features amazing carvings in the rocks themselves.

With BTS's opinions formed, it's now time for you, the residents and tourists of Busan, to visit these locations and see what the fuss is all about!