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Dong-gu Don't Miss List

Dong-gu Don't Miss List


■ 168 Stairs 


Climb 168 Stairs in Choryang-dong to find a stunning view of Busan Port.


168 Stairs in Choryang-dong is a steep stroll true to its name.

Relics from refugee life following the 1950-53 Korean War are easy to see from the top of the six-story climb that gives way to a great view of the entire port. 

The recently-installed monorail has drawn public attention. With the area now easily accessible to people who would have had difficulty climbing the stairs, the area is gaining popularity as a tourist attraction. The monorail is equipped with glass walls on all sides, enabling passengers to take in Sanbokdoro (mountainside road) and Busan Port just a minute or two after boarding. Taking in the night view from the top stair is a must-do.


■ China Town



A little piece of China is waiting to be explored in Dong-gu.

Located across from Busan Station, China Town is composed Chinese residential areas, businesses and schools. The neighborhood, original host to the Chinese consulate at the opening of Busan Port, is easily recognizable by the Door of Shanghai. The ornate archway was erected to honor the sister city relationship established between Busan and Shanghai. 

China Town is a perennial tourist favorite largely due to its authentic Chinese food restaurants, but has recently grown more popular following coverage in film and television. Home to a high number of foreign workers, including Russians and Central Asians, China Town is a diverse area of the city with ethnic foods and currency exchanges available on every corner.

The neighborhood hosts an annual China Town Festival each October.