Busan City Hall

City Government

Promotional Space of 2030 World Expo Busan, Korea

◇ The 2030 World EXPO Promotional Space has been established to raise public awareness of the World Expo and garner support by providing excellent and intriguing immersive content and enjoyable experiences.

◇ The Promotional Space will also serve as an educational platform for future generations.

◇ Please visit and express your support!
Do not forget to take the quiz and receive a small gift waiting for you!

Opening Hours

  • Where: Busan Dream Space on the 1st floor of Busan City Hall
  • Launched on 2nd Jan. 2023.
  • Area: 1,290.60km²
  • Opening hours
    • Weekdays (Mon~Fri): 09:00~18:00 (Closed for lunch 12:00-13:00)
    • Closed: Weekend (Sat~Sun), Public Holidays
  • Recommended number of participants for 1 time slot: 10~15 persons *Group tour - maximum 30 persons

Registration: Pre-booking ☎888-5795

  • Group: Pre-booking by phone, 1 time slot for max 30 persons, if number of persons exceeds the maximum, participants may wait until the next time slot
    • ☞ Recommended to include a city hall visit tour program or visit the children’s library ‘Deullagnallag’ which is also on the 1st floor of Busan City Hall
  • Individual: Pre-booking or walk-in
    • ※ If there is a pre-booked or group visit, you may not be able to enter upon arrival.

Tour Concept: ‘Time Travel back to the first World Expo to the 2030 World Expo in a time machine’

  • (Photo·Experience Zone: With BTS Honorary Ambassadors)
    The backdrop wall that was used during BTS’s honorary ambassador appointment ceremony on the 19th of July, 2022 awaits visitors upon entering. Each member left their autograph on the wall.
    • Photo·Experience Zone: With BTS Honorary Ambassadors photo
    • Photo·Experience Zone: With BTS Honorary Ambassadors photo2
  • (Time machine platform)
    With Honorary Ambassador, actor LEE Jung-jae as your guide, visitors will learn all about the World Expo with state-of-the-art infographics.
    • Time machine platform
    • Time machine platform

※ Visitors can receive a promotional gift after taking part in a quiz at the kiosk.
(This may close early when gifts temporary run out)