Culture & Tourism

Esthetic function photo

With its ecologically interesting points of diversity, a tidal flat has an abundant environment worthwhile for academic & aesthetic utilization as a residing place for organisms, a recreational place and a cultural heritage site, among other uses. However, the aesthetic function of a tidal flat is quite hard to measure for its value because it does not relate with values for practical use and no market exists for this service either.

Recently, studies to measure the value of tidal flats for public services, such as for its cultural value are actively being performed. Taking an example of the Louisiana tidal flat, surveyed tourists are said to have the intention of paying a total of $81,500 for recreational purposes (based on the survey in 1996) per ㎢ for a 30㎢ sightseeing area and the yearly recreational value of the Florida tidal flats corresponds to $19,800 (1984) per ㎢.

The cultural value of the tidal flats in Korea, when measured according to the above record, as there is no record available, could be around $50,700 per unit of area by applying the average of $19,800 and $81,500.