Would you like to have the experience of shooting real bullets, which lets you feel the excitement and thrills, as if you are an actor or actress in a movie? At the first ball firing range in Busan, a beginner can enjoy the leisure sport after having a brief training session with a coach on the spot. It can surely be said as the best leisure sport to improve your concentration skills and relax your stressful mind from your daily routine life. The Busan Shooting Range has indoor ranges of 15m and 25m, matching international standards and has movable targets to adjust shooting distances and an automatic pop-up system installed. Since it is not a fixed target, you will get a thrill out of trying to shoot four movable targets. Now, if you are ready to feel the terrific excitement, and experience what it feels like being a character in an action movie, then visit the Busan Shooting Range. 


Busan shooting range photo