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Health Insurance

  • Health Insurance is separated into employee insurance and local health insurance.
  • National health insurance is the system by which contributions made by insured persons are consolidated into a fund and insurance benefits are provided upon their need. The system aims to share the burden between insured persons to provide medical services.
1) Conditions for Enrollment
  • Registered foreigners who meet the following conditions can apply for the health service.
  • Employee insurance: Employers or employees of work places
  • Local health insurance: Those who are excluded from the employee insured scheme and have one of the following residence statuses : F-2, F-4, D-1~9, E-1~5, E-7~8,F-1 (spouses and children of Korean nationals) and spouses and children of foreigners who are under 20 years of age.
2) Enrollment procedures and required documents
  • Employee insurance: The employer will prepare the documents and apply to the National Health Insurance Corporation.
  • Local health insurance: Please prepare your alien registration card and passport and visit the nearest office of the National Health Insurance Corporation.
3) Contributions and Payment
  • Employee health insurance: Salary x Employee insurance rate (50% shared by employer) Contribution amount is deducted from salary.
  • Local health insurance :
    • People with income: Income x health insurance rate
    • People with no income: Average contribution of local health insurance of last year (If studying abroad: 30% reduced)
    • Full insurance fee should be paid every 3 months.
    • Foreigners who have the status of F-1 and F-2 shall pay the contribution under the same conditions as Koreans.
    • The duty of the insurance fee payment begins at the time of your alien registration date.
4) Advantage of Insurance
  • Benefits of insurance are applied equally to foreigners. So insured foreigners share only some portion of the fee for medical consultation.
  • When you receive medical treatment at a hospital or clinic : You pay 20-50% of the total expenses under health insurance.
  • If you get medicine from a pharmacy with your prescription : You pay 30% of the total expenses under health insurance.
Busan Regional Headquarters
  • You can visit the National Health Insurance Homepage at for more information on medical insurance or if you want to find out the address and telephone number of the branch office across the country.
  • Tel. 1577-1000
  • Address: (Deokcheon-dong 416-4), 26 Mandeok-daero, 40beon-gil, Buk-gu, Busan
  • National Health Insurance Corporation