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(사용안함)Development Directions

Development Directions

		Goal : Build a future-oriented international industrial logistics city in the hinterland area of the New Port 
		1. Logistics Complex
			- Sea and Air/Rail/River
			- Futuristic Cutting-edge Logistics Complex
			- Multilogistics Terminal
		2. Metropolitan Industrial Complex
			- Cluster of specialized industries in the southeast region 
			- Global parts materials supply base
			- Marine Industry Complex
			- Foreign investment Complex
		3. Knowledge-creating City
			- Superb international business cityess city 
			- Environmentally friendly R and D complex
			- Foreigner-friendly residental envitonment 
		1. New Port(30 Berths) 
		2. .International airport
		3. TSR,TCR terminals, etc
		= Free Economic Zones ( F E Z ) 
		background industrial complex / continental railway base / aviation logistics complex / International airport International / International 
		terminal complex / TSR, TCR terminal, etc. railway logistics complex / background city / Sea and Air complex / Global supply base / Busan new port / background industrial complex / harbor logistics 

Development outline and composition of the future city

Metropolitan industrial complex ▷ 20㎢
  • Conveniently located at the heart of the Southeast Region's industrial belt, the complex will greatly contribute to boosting the national economy by establishing a world-class industrial base for mechanical parts materials.
  • Korea's status as a marine industry power will also be secured through the establishment of the marine industrial complex, offering multiple production, distribution, R&D and training functions, etc.
Metropolitan industrial complex
Classification Main Functions
Southeast Region specialized industry complex
  • Create a global supply base for fast-growing local specialized industries such as machine, shipbuilding equipment and automobile parts industries. (Transportation equipment cluster)
  • Cluster core parts materials industries (one of the new national growth engines) including environmentally friendly ('green') automobiles, high value-added vessels, solar batteries, fuel cells, etc.
convergence devices industrial complex
  • Cluster cutting-edge convergence devices industries that involve advanced materials, IT parts and state-of-the-art equipment (linked with aviation transport).
  • Take advantage of its location adjacent to Gimhae International Airport, and cluster production and maintenance facilities including aircraft parts, engines, etc.
Marine industrial complex
  • Develop cutting-edge marine structural design and building industries and the marine and harbor equipment manufacturing industry
  • Develop the marine leisure equipment (motorboats, yachts, personal watercraft, etc.), manufacturing industry, which is another future growth engine in Korea.
    ※ Work with marine leisure equipment centers, and small and medium shipbuilding technology institutes nearby.
  • Study research and teach the latest marine technology.
Foreign investment complex
  • Attract multi-national corporations and research institutes involved with specialized industries to the southeast region as a Key base of global production and research networks.
  • Reserve land areas for foreign investment companies, linked with free economic zones.
Logistics Complex ▷ 9㎢
  • Establish a global logistics complex linked with international land, sea and air transport facilities.
  • A strategic point chosen by the Korean government to maximize the effects of FTAs.
  • Build a Eurasian Gateway in preparation for North Pole and transcontinental railway routes.
Logistic Complex
Classification Major Functions
Complex logistics assembly and processing complex
  • Establish a logistics complex comprised of top domestic logistics companies dealing with storage, assembly, processing, labeling, etc.
  • Become a key logistics base for Outward Processing Trade by establishing a logistics complex with global manufacturing companies involving complex logistics functions.
Global parts materials supply complex
  • Serve as a global supply base for specialized industries in the Southeast Region such as shipbuilding equipment and implements, mechanical parts and the cruise & yacht industry.
  • Serve as a global supply base for automobile parts by attracting automobile centers (K/D(Knock Down)) from other domestic areas and abroad.
SARR logistics complex
  • Reduce logistics costs of machine and electronics air freight in the Southeast Region by building an RFC (Ready for Carriage) center.
  • Secure a pivotal position in logistics in Northeast Asia by establishing a SARR logistics complex linking sea/air/rail/river transport nodes.
Complex terminal and support complex
  • Build a SARR (Sea-Air-Rail-River) terminal complex.
Knowledge - Creating City ▷ 4㎢
  • Build a sustainable future-oriented knowledge creation city.
  • Build a core city that attracts people, information and capital to become a driving force for innovative new industries.
  • Become a new landmark city as the new Venice of Asia by creating an environmentally friendly canal city.
Logistic Complex
Classification Major Functions
Knowledge Creation City
  • Knowledge services industry: finances and insurance, consulting, education, medical R&D, conventions, etc.
  • Northeast Asian oil market and international shipping exchange.
  • High-class marine tour leisure city: recreation, leisure, accommodation, waterfront.
  • Location of a top-class residential complex nestled in a beautiful natural environment and offering a pleasant living environment for foreigners.

Expected effects

  • To offer a fundamental solution for Busan city's chronic shortage of prime industrial plots.
  • To transform Busan New Port into a high value-added port that 'generates a high amount of inbound/outbound cargo' by developing it alongside the neighboring industrial logistics cluster, and to ultimately make a huge contribution to national competitiveness.
  • Global logistics hub
  • Laying a foundation to revitalize the economy of Busan and also the Southeast metropolitan area.
  • Job creation: 876,000 jobs nationwide, 617,000 jobs in the southeast region.
  • Positive effect on production inducement: 78 trillion won nationwide, 53 trillion in the Southeast region.
Development Concept
Development Concept

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Birds Eye View