Gangseo Sports Park holds an indoor gym, auxiliary sports facility, hockey field, and archery range in the area of 208,985㎡. The whole area is Green Zone and Restricted Zone of Development, so ti provides people with a well-preserved natural environment as well as athletic facilities. As an useful space to hold various kinds of performances and events, it makes a contribution for the development of community culture and offers a commercial benefit to local economy. To match main sports facilities well with surrounding environment, Athletic park is focused into the disposition of an outdoor space, while buildings absorb inside the lush forest. Parking lot is also constructed into a luxuriant green zone of Shadow Parking to be able to make a family picnic and hold a variety of events for community.

Gangseo sports park photo
Gangseo sports park Parking Location
Location 43, Cheyukgongwon-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan(Daejeo1-dong)
Tel 051) 970-1200
Gangseo sports park Parking Scale
Sports Fields and Facilities Floorage Stadium Area Seating Capacity Notes
Indoor Gymnasium Main Stadium 12,187㎡ 2,052㎡ 4,189seatings
Auxiliary Stadium 9,253㎡ 1,338㎡ -
Hockey Field Main Stadium 1,898㎡ 7,668㎡ 2,070seatings
Auxiliary Stadium - 7,490㎡ 542seatings
Archery Field 1,195㎡ 16,800㎡ 432seatings
Soccer Training Field 2,108㎡ 15,984㎡ -