Culture & Tourism

Eulsukdo Migratory Bird Park has been designated as a cultural asset, as an important natural habitat for migratory birds on the lower stretches of the Nakdong River (Natural Monument No. 179). Its ecosystem has been restored by Busan Metropolitan City and, in order to better protect the migratory birds and to preserve the area's ecology including its wetland, it is divided into 3 zones (the Education Use Zone, the Buffer Zone and the Core Preservation Zone), all managed by the Nakdong Estuary Eco Center.

Information on use of the Education Use Zone (open space)

  • Hours: 08:00~20:00
  • Method: on foot
  • facilities: outdoor park (parking lot, grass and flower garden)
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Education Use Zone

ㆍOpen spaces (picnic square, parking lot)
ㆍRestricted areas (Outdoor Learning Space,
 Reclamation area, Watercourse)

Buffer Zone

ㆍWetland-created area (artificial migratory bird habitat),
ㆍFor guided eco tours

Core Preservation Zone

ㆍArea created by wetlands (artificial migratory bird habitat),
ㆍWith entry restricted to those engaged in research,
 investigation and management