Indoor Swimming Pool

Indoor Swimming Pool Scale
Plottage Architecture
area &
Area of Athletic Facilities Stand Sport
Area Structure Swim-ming
Diving pool Exercising
Infant pool Swim-ming exerci-sing pool
25,411㎡ 18,150㎡ Steel concrete rahmen 50m 25m 2m
(10 lanes)
25m 25m 5m 25m 12.5m 1-1.6m
9m 4.5m 0.8m 50m 21m 1.2-1.5m 3,000 seats All
events of
swimming, Water polo, Diving, Synchron-
ized swimming
Convenient & Attached Facilities
Convenient & Attached Facilities
Dressing room Shower room Sauna room Resting place
(precinct stall, dining hall)
2 rooms for men/
1 rooms for women
2 rooms for men/
1 rooms for women
1 rooms for men/
1room for women
1 floor:
1 snack bar
no charge internet service
Computation system,
Underwater photographing equipment
Broadcasting system
  • The first-class facilities approved by Korean Swimming Association
  • Swimming pool for leisure has a separate gateway from the competition facilities, so even during a competition period, public users may continue to use it.
  • Installation of a sanitation system
Additional Information
  • Membership: Frequent recruitment of members / Free course for beginners who registered for a month membership
  • Application & Inquiry: Operation section (+82-51-500-2354~55)
  • Open: 6:00 ~21:00 , Sundays and Holidays 6:00 ~18:00
  • Closed: every Monday
View of Facilities
Indoor Swimming Pool photo Indoor Swimming Pool photo