Busan Asiad Main Stadium, consisting of 1 floor underground and 4 floors above ground in the area of 330,000 ㎡, has been furnished with 53,000 seats including 252 seats for the physically challenged, and has a maximum capacity of 80,000 spectators. Since beginning construction in November 1993, we have invested a total cost of 22,694,800 won and employed a work force of 488,000 for 7 years and 9 months to complete the stadium. Next to the main stadium stands an auxiliary stadium of 24,785 ㎡. Asiad Main Stadium is a multi-purpose sports complex for various kinds of performances and residential events. The architectural structure is based on the image of the international marine city of Busan, incorporating curved, delicate lines rather than straight lines to reflect rolling waves into the entire structure. The circumference of the stadium is equipped with a deck and a belt resembling the ring of Saturn. Forty-eight pillars and seventy-two gateways, the wall-less deck embodies an openness to the world and the flow of cosmic energy. Busan Metropolitan City applied for the first-class international stadium ratified by IAAF. Even when in the pouring rain, players can go on with their competition after 12 ~ 24 hours because the field lawn is planted using a multi-layered ground method. A stadium lighting system of 2000 lx and the bright electric scoreboard also can provide spectators with a high-resolution TV relay broadcast for the better pleasure of watching competitions.

  • 344, World cup-daero, Yeonje-gu, Busan
Scale and Structure
  • Area : Total 89,055㎡ (Main Stadium:19,586㎡)
  • Main Stadium : 1 floor underground, 4 floors above ground, Semi-open roof with steel framed and concrete reinforced joint cable
  • Seating Capacity : 53,769 seats
  • Roof : Cable Dome (Semi-open)
  • Maximum Height : 56.4m
  • Floor Height : 4.5m
  • Auxiliary Stadium : 2 floors above ground
  • Period : '93. 11. ∼ 2001. 9.
  • Construction Cost : 226,948,000,000won
    (National support: 68,000,000,000won / Municipal support: 158,949,000,000won)
  • Multi purpose athletic facilities to hold various kinds of performances or cultural events
  • A doomed roof (Semi-opened cable structure)
  • A roof made of glass fiber (Effect of natural lighting system)
Inquiry & Application
  • Call to Management & Operation Section of the Sports Facilities Office
View of Facilities
Asiad Main Stadium photo Asiad Main Stadium photo