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Infomation on Exhibitions

  • Hours: 09:00 - 18:00 (last entry 17:00)
  • Closed: January 1st and Mondays (or the next day when Monday is a holiday)
  • Admission: free of charge
    Be careful not to damage any of the exhibits or facilities; The bringing in of food, as well as drinking, smoking, in-line skating, cycling and pets are all prohibited, as is the removal of exhibits, books and equipment.

Use of Equipment

There are automatic language guides (in Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese) available for your enjoyment, as well as binoculars for viewing the migratory birds.

  • Rental booth: Information desk on the 1st floor
  • Rental fee:
Rental fee
Type Basic (2 hours) par additional hour
Automatic language guides
(Ko-rean, English, Chinese and Japanese)
Adults: 2000 won
Children: 1000 won
Binoculars (low-magnification) 5000 won 2500 won
Binoculars (hlgh-magnification) 2000 won 1000 won

< Looking around the Exhibition Hall >

The mouth of the Nakdong River where man, nature and birds coexist together in harmony The exhibition hall of the Eco Center displays materials about the ecology of the Nakdong Estuary in an easy-to-understand and engaging way.

Looking around the Exhibition Hall
Central Hall photo Zone 1 (flow) photo Zone 2 (change) photo Zone 3 (symbiosis) photo
Central Hall Zone 1 (flow) Zone 2 (change) Zone 3 (symbiosis)
Zone 4 (meeting) photo Zone 5 (harmony) photo Experience Zone photo
Zone 4 (meeting) Zone 5 (harmony) Experience Zone