Busan City Hall

City Government

Acceleration of economic development by securing opportunities for national integration, accumulation of technological capabilities, economic revitalization, urban innovation, development and sustainable growth of the surrounding area hosting the Expo

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2010 Shanghai

5.2 trillion

110 trillion


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2015 Milan

4.3 trillion

63 trillion


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2020 Dubai

6.9 trillion

38 trillion



Investment amount

Economic effect (KRW)

Job creation

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2030 Busan

4.9 trillion

43 trillion worth of production induced


Hosting 2030 World Expo Busan

Leading national innovative growth

  • National power-driven marketing campaign commensurate with world’s tenth biggest economy
  • A turning point for breakthroughs in science and technology industries will occur.
  • An axis of new growth will be secured through the economic revitalization of the southern region.
  • Targeting 50,000 USD per capita income
  • The city’s geo-economic status as a gateway to Eurasia will be enhanced.

Realizing the 2030 Busan Vision

  • The city will become a top 30 global city in the world
  • 50,000 USD per capita income
  • The city will achieve a 70% employment rate
  • The city will become the world’s third most important global maritime city