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The perfect winter getaway is a luxurious oasis

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The main atrium at Spa Land has large windows that allow sunshine to warm the room throughout the day. 

 "Jjimjilbangs," traditional bathhouses, are beloved hideaways for Koreans during the winter. Most neighborhoods have a jjimjilbang, offering residents a family-friendly, one-stop leisure facility with baths, saunas, steam rooms and ample space to socialize or sleep. Donning an oversized t-shirt and shorts and stepping into an overly warm chamber is a sure panacea to the winter blues.

 In 1994, the first multipurpose jjimjilbangs were introduced in Busan. In addition to a hot soak and warm bath, these facilities offered comforting meals, exercise equipment, aesthetic treatments and various entertainment options. Spa Land in the Shinsegae Department Store, Centum City, is the ultimate expression of the modern jjimjilbang, a luxurious, sprawling oasis built for one reason: Your relaxation.

 When Shinsegae broke ground on its flagship store in Centum City, hot springs were discovered at the construction site. The hot springs, which lie 1000 meters underground, are the foundation of Spa Land's temple to self-care.

 The spring water is sterilized 36 times a day as it is pumped into various pools and baths. Two types of spring water were discovered: Calcium chloride and sodium chloride. Calcium chloride baths promote healthy skin and shiny hair, as the water removes dead skin cells and releases fatigue. On the other hand, sodium chloride baths revitalize you from the inside, as the water enhances blood circulation and aids in pain relief. A long soak in both types will boost your energy levels and refresh your body before returning to your daily routine.

 Spa Land offers 18 hot spring baths, ranging from extremely cold to extremely hot temperatures, with each offering different health benefits.

 After bathing, two floors of relaxation and entertainment amenities await. On the first floor, visitors can avail themselves of 13 distinctly themed saunas. The Finnish Sauna is a popular way activate metabolism and relax achy muscles and joints. The Roman Steam Room helps with detoxification and clearing congestion. Others might prefer the Salt Room, which promotes healthy skin and boosts immunity, or the Wave Dream Room, which helps calm a racing mind through sensory immersion and meditation. For those in need of universal healing, the Pyramid Room's walls are set at 52 degrees, the ideal angle for maximizing the absorption of cosmic energy. Or, one could just enjoy some fresh air at the open-air foot spa.

 For more earthly needs, the second floor features a cafe, restaurant, and entertainment zone with recliners and personal television screens.

 Patrons can spend a maximum of four hours inside Spa Land when paying the entry fee; however, individuals who spend 10,000 won or more inside will get an extra 2 hours added on for free.

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Try the inconic jjimjilbang "sheep head" look as you relax. 

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The open-air foot spa is a must-visit spot for couples. 

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Walls in the Pyramid Room are ideal for taking in cosmic energy. 

■ Spa Land

• Address: 1st floor, Shinsegae Department Store, Centum City, 35 Centumnam-daero, Haeundae-gu 

• Hours: Open daily from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Last admission at 10 p.m.

•Admission: 23,000 won for adults, 20,000 for minors. Children aged 7 and under are not permitted. A single-entry fee covers four hours of usage, and an additional charge of 5,000 won will apply for each extra hour.

• Website:

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bathhouse: 목욕탕


donning: 착용

temple: 신전

sterilize: 살균하다

Calcium chloride: 염화칼슘

sodium chloride: 염화나트륨

fatigue: 피로

achy: 아픈

congestion: 정체, 급체

immersion: 몰입

absorption: 흡수