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Photo contest showcases Busan's natural beauty

2024 부산국가지질공원 아름다운 지질공원 사진공모전_대지 1-crop

Busan Metropolitan City and the Busan Council for Sustainable Development are hosting the Beautiful National Geopark Photo Contest until June 30.

Busan National Geopark is Korea's only urban geopark and preserves the city's distinctive geological and topographical heritage. The designation covers 12 natural attractions:

Nakdonggang Estuary, Morundae, Dusong Peninsula, Dudo, Songdo Peninsula, Taejongdae, Oryukdo, Igidae, Jangsan Mountain, Geumjeongsan Mountain, Baekyangsan Mountain, and Orbicular Gabbro

Any digital pictures taken at one of the attractions after Jan. 1, 2023, may be submitted. There are two categories, landscape only photography or landscape photos including people. Contestants may submit one work per category.

Follow the QR code for submission guidelines and prize info.

Contest Info: click

Vocab Spotlight

Sustainable: 지속가능한

Geopark: 지질공원

geological: 지질학적인

topographical: 지형적인