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F-2-R visa application for international students is now open


Busan is accepting applications from international students for its F-2-R regional specialized residency visa until May 10. 

The F-2-R visa, implemented by the Ministry of Justice, enables foreigners to live in Korea for five years, provided they work and reside in government-designated areas. 

Busan has been allocated 120 visas, 40 each for Seo-gu District, Dong-gu District and Yeongdo-gu District. The city will initiate a second round of applications if the quota remains unfilled.

The visa program encourages foreign nationals and their families to settle in depopulated areas to address labor shortages in local industries, boost the economy and reverse negative population trends.

Eligible applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher from a university based in Busan or be in their final semester with an expected graduation date.

F-2-R visa holders must also live in the designated area for at least two years after receiving the visa and are then free to live in other districts in the region that are designated as at risk of population decline. 

In principle, applicants must live and work in the designated area, but there are four types of exceptions:

Type A: live in the designated area and be able to get a job in other parts of the city.

Type B: live in the designated area with family members and be able to get a job in other parts of the city

Type C: live in the other parts of the city and be employed in the designated area 

Type D: live in other parts of the city and start a business in the designated area.

Applicants must also demonstrate Korean proficiency at TOPIK level 3 or higher or have completed level 3 or higher in the Korea Immigration and Integration Program. Those intending to apply must also submit a letter of recommendation from their university and meet other requirements mandated by the district office having jurisdiction over the applicant's residence and/or company.

All application materials must be submitted by 6 p.m. on May 10. Results will be sent individually via text message on May 24. For details, check the official announcement on City Hall’s homepage. 

Apr 23_F-2-R visa

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<Today's Vocabulary - 오늘의 단어>

regional: 지역의 residency: 거주 allocate: 할당하다 initiate: 착수하다 quota: 할당량 settle in: 정착하다 designated: 지정된 demonstrate: 발휘하다

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