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New Media Members begin work for 2024

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On March 5, Busan New Media Members held a launching ceremony and began full-scale activities.


 On March 5, Busan Metropolitan City hosted a ceremony at City Hall to launch the 2024 campaign of the New Media Members. 

 New Media Members work as citizen reporters, delivering local news on YouTube and other social media platforms. The Members' content covers culture, tourism and city policies. Each member will work as a blogger, photographer or video editor to share everything Busan offers to residents and visitors.

 In 2023, New Media Members played a pivotal role in raising Busan's global profile. Several articles written by the team ranked in the top 10 of Naver View, a leading Korean search engine. Member-produced short-form videos on YouTube and Instagram featuring Busan's best attractions reached 5 million views from global audiences.

 The international reach garnered by New Media Members proved too good for content creators to pass up. During the recruitment period, 431 people applied for 80 positions. This surge in interest in creating Busan-focused content prompted the city to accept 10 more creators than initially planned.

 Of the 90 new Members, one is an influencer with over 100,000 followers on various social media platforms. The team includes 11 foreigners from eight countries, including Japan, Indonesia, El Salvador, Uzbekistan and Russia. These global talents will promote the city's charms to an international audience and will be ambassadors for Busan's "English-Friendly City" and "Global Hub City" campaigns.

 This year's crop of New Media Members will work through the year and receive special recognition from Busan Mayor Park Heong-joon on Dec. 31.

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pivotal: 중추적인, 핵심적인

million: 백만의

garnered: 획득한

surge: 급증