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Busan supports the right of citizens to become mothers


For the first time nationwide, Busan Metropolitan City implemented financial support of up to 2 million won for married women who want to preserve their reproductive ability. The city announced upgraded plans to subsidize married couples who are having difficulty conceiving children to tackle Korea’s record-low birthrate.


Future parents can receive up to 1.1 million won for in vitro fertilization (IVF) or external fertilization treatments. Additional financial support for assisted reproductive technologies and prenatal health checks will be available this upcoming April. The city government will provide up to 2 million won to all married couples living in Busan undergoing assisted reproductive technology using frozen eggs. Additionally, the city will cover up to 150,000 won for prenatal health checks for both parents-to-be. 

To apply for the subsidies, visit the official websites of the government or local public health centers below. You may call or visit the public health center having jurisdiction over the applicant’s place of residence. 

※ Where to apply

◎ e-government:

◎ e-public health center:

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implement: 시행하다 support: 지원하다 up to: ~까지 preserve: 보존하다 reproductive: 생식의 subsidize: 보조금을 주다 fertilization: 수정  prenatal: 출생 전의 jurisdiction: 관할 구역

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