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Despite World Expo setback, Busan is ready for greatness

 Busan's pursuit to host World Expo 2030 is over. While the disappointment lingers, the number of tangible and intangible benefits gained from the bidding process is significant. The 10-year endeavor has established a profound legacy that citizens can be proud of. During the campaign, officials showcased Busan's multifaceted allure as a tier-one tourist destination, a gateway to the Eurasian Continent, a trade and logistics powerhouse, a global financial hub, a gourmand's paradise, and the epicenter of Korean culture.
 Busan's offerings have resonated with people worldwide and drastically raised the city's global profile. Simultaneously, officials have been enhancing Busan's infrastructure to solidify its position as a world-class city. The redevelopment of the Busan North Port is underway to transform it into a vibrant space converging leisure, industry, technological innovation and international exchange. The Gadeokdo New Airport will open in 2029 and complete the city's "Tri-Port" system. When finished, The Busan Opera House and the Busan Concert Hall will usher in a new era in performing arts.
 After the BIE vote, Mayor Park Heong-joon stated, "What makes us cross the desert is the hope that there is an oasis beyond." In this desert of disappointment, the oasis is the city's promising future. Over the next decade, the city is poised for transformation. It will emerge as a green, smart city where humans and nature coexist, a technological paradise where cutting-edge innovation flourishes, and a diverse community where all feel welcome. Above all, Busan will be a haven of happiness, characterized by an exceptional quality of life where people want to live generation after generation.


■ Busan's reputation on the global stage

◎ Ranked 15th out of 77 cities worldwide and no. 1 in Korea on the Smart Centres Index.
Named a Michelin Guide city and will get its own guide in Feb. 2024.
Selected as one of "25 Breathtaking Places and Experiences for 2023" by National Geographic.
Selected as the joint best city on the "2023 Popular Upcoming Attractions" list by leading travel service provider
Ranked 2nd in the national City Brand Power Index as of Oct. 2023.
Attracted 8.6 trillion won in corporate investment over the last two years.