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Busan City expands support for multi-child families


Busan strives to be a city where raising children is a joyful experience. To that end, the city is issuing an updated “Family Love Card,” which provides financial support to multi-child families. 

The government has relaxed the standards of how it defines a “multi-child family.” Now, households with a minimum of two children under 19, down from three, are considered a “multi-child family.” This change will significantly expand access to government benefits.

With the “Family Love Card,” multi-child families can access discounts to public facilities, kid-friendly activities, restaurants, child care, education and more.

The card will be issued immediately via BPASS, a blockchain-secure mobile app that secures convenient access to the program.

In addition, Shinhan Card, one of the major credit card companies in Korea, also issues the card via their official website or customer care center.

For detailed information, visit the official website of the program below. 

※ Family Love Card

 ◎ Busan Child Care(부산다가치키움+):

 ◎ Shinhan Card

 • Website:

 • Customer center: 080-700-2108 or 1544-7000