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City working to prevent tragedies caused by heavy rainfall

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Busan City is implementing the “Underpass Evacuation Route Installation Project” to enhance safety for the 34 underpasses across the city.

The project is a proactive response to the potential risks and unexpected tragedies due to torrential heavy rainfall. Since the 2020 flooding of the Choryang 1(il) underpass in Dong-gu district, most underpasses across the city have been equipped with barriers and water level indicators to block access during inclement weather.

Despite these measures, the city recognizes that heavy rainfall, especially during monsoon season, poses a danger to drivers and passengers.

To address these dangers, City Hall, district and county offices, and the Busan Infrastructure Cooperation have worked together to ensure that underpasses are as safe as possible.

The first measure is securing emergency evacuation routes within each underpass by identifying existing exits or connected pathways, including ladders or stairs. 

The second measure is to install new emergency evacuation equipment, such as emergency ladders, stairs, guided-evacuation systems and life-saving toolboxes.

The project ensures that people inside the underpasses have clear paths to safety and increased chances of survival in the event of flooding or other emergencies.

The implementation of these measures will be prioritized based on the risk levels associated with each underpass. The city plans on installing the emergency routes between 2024 and 2026.

Busan is committed to improving the safety and well-being of its citizens and reducing anxiety related to adverse weather conditions.