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Busan's own Captain Planet, 'Boogi'

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Boogi and Baby Shark team up to save Earth in a new video.

 A sad pop star; an empty arena; a single leaf blowing in the wind; an excited audience nowhere to be seen.
 So starts the newest video from content powerhouse Pinkfong. As crooner Baby Shark takes the stage to perform his latest earworm, he is shocked to find that he is alone.
 "Why didn't my friends come to the concert?" he laments.
 Right on cue, Boogi, Busan City's seagull mascot, informs Baby Shark that his animal friends are being obstructed by two villains, ocean pollution and greenhouse gases.
 So starts the adventure of a lifetime. Baby Shark and Boogi, determined to save their friends, save the Earth and save the world, begin cleaning up the waters off Busan. First, they eliminate plastic detritus abusing their animal friends - some plastic cups have shoved a plastic straw up a turtle's nose! Then, they zap away clouds of gas harassing a polar bear. Our two lovable heroes do yeoman's work while singing, "Let's reduce...Let's reuse...Let's recycle... Let's keep the ocean clean!"

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An exhibit from Busan's Expo Ocean Hall.

 And while the work of saving the Earth started in Busan, it continues in Seoul. Boogi and his friends are stationed at the Lotte World Aquarium, where they are manning Busan's Expo Ocean Hall. The exhibit, which runs until November 2023, shares the message, "If you protect the ocean, you can protect the Earth."
 Interactive content teaches the public about the importance of "blue carbon," which refers to carbon captured by ocean and coastal habitats. Visitors also experence the dangers of plastic pollution via augmented reality, and the consequences of climate change by viewing submerged landmarks.