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So long, yellow tickets

도시철도 QR코드승차권 종합안내기 (9)-영어

Busan Metro help kiosk

 Busan's metro system is changing its ticketing system. On April 1, the city began phasing out magnetic single-use tickets in favor of tickets with QR codes. Magnetic tickets will remain valid until the end of June before being fully replaced by QR code tickets. The city is also adding QR code scanners to entry and exit gates as part of the ticketing change.
 The magnetic single-use tickets have been in use for 38 years, since the opening of the city's metro system in 1985. The soon-to-be-obsolete tickets have been a source of frustration for riders due to being easily damaged or demagnetized.
 In addition, the Busan Transportation Corporation, the organization that operates the Busan Metro, will introduce a mobile-based QR code ticket in the second half of this year.