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Busan adopts new slogan: "Busan is Good"


 Busan Metropolitan City has chosen a new city slogan, "Busan is Good," to replace the 20-year-old "Dynamic Busan." The slogan was selected following a city brand committee meeting on Jan. 13 and a citizen preference survey held from Jan. 4 to 10.
 A total of 25,220 people participated in the survey and "Busan is Good" received the most votes with 11,373. "Bridge for All, Busan" received 10,981 votes, while "True Place, Busan" received 2,866 votes.
 The city actively considered citi-zens' opinions in choosing a versatile slogan that expresses Busanites' sati-sfaction. The phrase can also be used in various contexts, such as "Busan is good for expos" and "Busan is good for settling down." The city plans to unveil the new slogan design and symbolic mark, based on expert and resident advice, in March.