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Share your joy of becoming a new parent

모두가 우리를 축하해 포스터                                          

Busan Metropolitan City is running a campaign to celebrate new parents. “We Are Blessed With a Baby, Everyone Congratulates Us” (모두가 우리를 축하해) aims to tackle the low birthrate locally and nationwide by raising awareness of having a baby and encouraging more people to celebrate their pregnancy. Submissions are open until Sept. 30.

Expecting couples can submit videos or photos of their pregnancy announcement or share their experiences before or during the pregnancy. The stories must include emotional moments from the pregnancy announcement and messages to the public about being parents. The messages will be streamed on the outdoor announcement board in front of City Hall.

Every month, the best submission will receive a hotel voucher for a luxurious stay at one of Busan’s 5-star hotels. Additionally, throughout the campaign, 10 entries will win a gift package worth 100,000 won.

Parents who gave birth within the last two years and parents-to-be living in Busan can apply to the campaign via the link below. International couples can participate if at least one person is legally registered as a Busan citizen.

※ We Are Blessed With a Baby, Everyone Congratulates Us” (모두가 우리를 축하해), until Sept. 30.

 ◎ Submission Form:

<Today's Vocabulary - 오늘의 단어>

aim to: ~를 목표로 하다 tackle: 다루다 birthrate: 출산율 awareness: 인식 pregnancy: 임신 submission: 출품작


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