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Get free pet insurance when you adopt a dog


Busan Metropolitan City offers free pet insurance to citizens who adopt dogs from designated shelters and adoption centers citywide. Dogs must be registered and implanted with an identification microchip to be eligible for coverage.

The plan reimburses up to 60% of veterinary medical expenses, including surgery and treatments for injury or illness, for up to 10 million won annually.

In addition, the insurance plan covers liability up to 5 million won if the dog causes harm to other people or animals.

The insurance program is offered until Dec. 31, and the insurance period lasts one year from the subscription date. Contact DB Insurance for more information.

◎ Inquiry: DB Insurance (1660-1621)

<Today's Vocabulary - 오늘의 단어>

insurance: 보험 adopt: 입양하다 designated: 지정된 shelter: 보호소 register: 등록하다 implant: 심다 be eligible for: ~의 자격이 있는 coverage: 보험 reimburse: 배상하다 veterinary: 수의학의 expense: 비용 surgery: 수술 liability: 부담

Editor: Song Soomi

Copy Editors: Kim Miyoung, Anton J. Mapoy