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New scholarship opportunity for international students

source: BGCF

Busan Metropolitan City and the Busan Global City Foundation offer the Busan Active Scholarship (부산 활동형 장학금). International students residing in Busan can apply until April 10.

The program aims to improve the satisfaction of international students in Busan and foster global talent. Selected students will participate in various BGCF events from April to November. Such events include volunteer work throughout the region and the annual Global Gathering festival. 

Scholarship recipients will receive up to 2 million won.

Interested students can find the application on the BGCF website. Application materials must be submitted via email to ( After an evaluation period, in-person interviews will be conducted on April 17 and winners will be notified on April 22.

Eligibility requirements:

- Enrolled in a regular or master’s course at a university located in Busan.

- Hold a D-2 visa.

- TOPIK Level 4 or higher.

- At least one year remaining until graduation from April 2024 (Applicants who are expected to graduate in September 2024 or February 2025 are ineligible).

- Priority will be given to applicants who are active on social media.

※ Busan Global City Foundation Scholarship

◎ Website:

◎ Email:

◎ Inquiry: 051-711-6862

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scholarship: 장학금  aim: 목표로 하다 satisfaction: 만족 foster: 양성하다 volunteer: 봉사활동 eligibility: 자격 requirement: 요건


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