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Spring Break at City Hall

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The Deullak Nallak (들락날락) kids’ space in City Hall will host three family-friendly workshops from Feb. 19 to 29.

Acclaimed children’s story author An Mi-ran will run a writing workshop for elementary students between second and sixth grade. Ms. An will guide students in writing their own stories.

Younger kids and their parents can enjoy a story time workshop. Families will read picture books and sing songs related to a different theme for each class. Classes are divided into age groups, 3 to 4, 5 to 7, and first through third grade.

Finally, picture book artist Lee Gihun will stage a performance on Feb. 29. The show will feature Mr. Lee giving a live painting demonstration as percussionists play around him. Participants are invited to create their own drawings and paintings after the performance. 

To find details or make a reservation, visit the official website of the Deullak Nallak kids’ space in City Hall below.

※ Spring Break programs at Deullak Nallak, Feb. 19 to 29

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