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2023 Busan Marriage Immigrant Korean Speech Contest held to commemorate Hangeul Day

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The Busan Metropolitan City Women’s Center will host the 2023 Busan Marriage Immigrant Korean Speech Contest. The event will take place on Oct. 12 at Busan City Hall.

This year’s contest commemorates the 577th anniversary of the promulgation of Hangeul, the Korean alphabet by created and established by the 15th century king Sejong the Great. Hangeul Day is a national holiday observed on Oct. 9 to celebrate the alphabet’s originality and scientific superiority, and to enhance national awareness and affection of Korean language.

Started in 2021, the Busan Marriage Immigrant Korean Speech Contest aims to encourage marriage immigrants to study Korean and enhance their pride of living in Korea.

The contest is open to marriage immigrants who have completed the Korean language training program run by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family or the Social Integration Program from the Ministry of Justice.

Contestants will deliver a three-minute speech detailing their experience of living in Busan. People can speak on topics like adapting to Korean life, the merits of living in Busan, and stories about their family.

The evaluation process will assess speeches based on these major criteria: The power of expression, correct pronunciation and intonation, content, composition and presentation skills. The top three winners will receive special recognition from the mayor and others will get prizes from the head of each family center they joined through. 

Interested individuals can apply for the contest at their local multicultural family support center or family center. The center will confirm eligibility and then nominate the best candidates to the Busan Metropolitan City Women’s Center. Potential contestants can apply until Sept. 22. A list of participating family centers is provided below.