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The 2024 Taxchelin features restaurants from those in the know


The “2024 Taxchelin” food festival is happening across Busan’s historic downtown until May 26. Restaurants across Jung-gu, Seo-gu, Dong-gu and Yeongdo-gu districts are serving delicious food to visitors.

“Taxchelin” is a combination of the “taxi” and “Michelin.” The food festival celebrates 28 must-visit restaurants selected by Busan’s taxi drivers. Around 200 veteran drivers with over 10 years of experience voted on the best restaurants they’ve encountered while traversing the city.

The restaurants are divided into four categories. The best nine restaurants have been awarded with the prestigious “Dongbaek Star” (동백스타). 

“Wheel Gourmand” (바퀴구르망) restaurants are located at the end of scenic drives and are thus worth a special visit. 

Other eateries are also praised for the quality of their “anju,” or food served with alcohol (술맛도심). Finally, the taxi drivers recognized restaurants that provide a great experience even when dining solo (혼밥식당).

Foodies can also reserve private tours on May 25 and 26. The “Mission Tour” is a gourmet walking tour that has participants complete missions around Jung-gu and Seo-gu while enjoying local delicacies. Three courses are available: Seafood, cold noodles and fried chicken, or Chinese food. Tickets are available to groups of two or more people, and prices vary depending on the menu. 

For the “Private Popo Tour,” taxi drivers will pick up participants from anywhere in Busan and shuttle them to restaurants in Dong-gu and Yeongdo-gu. Guests can enjoy stunning night views, gourmet food and refreshing beverages.

Check the official website of the Busan Culture & Tourism Festival Organizing Committee for more information. 

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<Today's Vocabulary - 오늘의 단어>

encounter: 접하다 traverse: 횡단하다 prestigious: 일류의 scenic: 경치 좋은 delicacies: 별미 depend on: ~에 달려있다 stunning: 아주 멋진


Editor: Song Soomi

Copy Editors: Kim Miyoung, Anton J. Mapoy