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2023 Busan Youth Week kicks off Sept. 16


The 2023 Busan Youth Week will take place from Sept. 16 to 20 in Haeundae-gu and Busanjin-gu districts.

Youth Day is a relatively new national holiday celebrated on the third Saturday in September. The holiday was first recognized in 2020 and was established to promote youth development and youth rights and raise awareness of youth-related issues. The law defines a “youth” as any person between 9 and 24 years old.

Depending on the locale, Youth Day either concludes or kicks off Youth Week. During this time, state and local governments hold festivals and events for young people. Note that the events are geared toward people in their 20s.

2023 Busan Youth Week events will be held at two locations. On Sept. 16 and 17, nearly 50 festival booths will operate on Gunam-ro in Haeundae-gu, providing hands-on activities and experiences. On Sept. 18 and 19, a smaller festival(Youth Busking) happens at the KT&G Sangsangmadang Busan building in Busanjin-gu.

Additionally, smaller events and activities will take place at both locations throughout the festival period. For more information and a detailed schedule of events, visit the 2023 Busan Youth Week official website.

On the other hand, President Yoon attended the '2023 Youth Day Commemoration Ceremony' held at the Cinema Center on the 14th and said, "Young people should be able to voice their opinions not only on youth policies but also on policies across the national economy, society and culture." He also chanted "2030 is ready" with the attendees and prayed for Busan to host the 2030 World Expo. 

※ 2023 Busan Youth Week, Sept. 16 to 20 

 ◎ Locations:

  • Gunam-ro: the pedestrian walkway between the Haeundae metro station and Haeundae Beach

  •  KT&G Sangsangmadang Busan: 39 Seomyeon-ro, Busanjin-gu

 ◎ Website: