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Enjoy a Busan night tour with your dog

source: visitbusan

The Busan Tourism Organization runs the 2024 Daeng-Night City Tour Bus until the end of October. 

“Daeng” comes from the Korean term “daengdaengi,” which originated from the term “meongmeongi,” which means “dog” in Korean. The program is gaining popularity among pet owners who want to enjoy trips with their pets. Dogs and their owners can enjoy the city’s spectacular night views by boarding the Busan City Tour Bus.

The program offers two routes: Dongbusan (East Busan) and Seobusan (West Busan). 

1) Dongbusan course: Busan Station-> Busanhangdaegyo Bridge-> Gwangalli Beach-> Marine City-> Haeundae Cine Road-> Gwangandaegyo Bridge-> Busanhangdaegyo Bridge-> Busan Station

2) Seobusan Course: Busan Station-> Jagalchi Market-> Dadaepo Beach-> Songdo Beach -> Jagalchi Market-> Busan Station

The 2-hour bus tour starts at 7:00 p.m. on Saturdays at the City Tour Bus stop at Busan Station. Riders should arrive at least 10 minutes before departure. The bus stops at Gwangalli Beach and Dadaepo Beach, so participants can enjoy free time to take memorable photos and walk with their pets.

Riders will receive free souvenirs, including a safety belt, snacks, an LED dog collar light and a cotton bag. Pets can enjoy fresh air and a night view on the bus by fastening seat belts instead of being inside dog-carry bags. Each guardian can bring one dog weighing up to 30 kilograms. A second dog may be accommodated after consulting with Petsgo, the organization overseeing the program. 

Leave your belongings, including dog-carry bags, in the bus trunk and have an unforgettable time with your furry friend. 

The fare costs 30,000 won per person and 20,000 won per dog. To make a reservation, visit the Petsgo website below. 

※ 2024 Daeng-Night City Tour Bus, until the end of October 2024

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