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2024 Busan Future Heritage Tour


Busan Metropolitan City runs the Busan Future Heritage Tour six times from June 2 to October. Cultural commentators lead the tours to help participants understand the value of Busan’s cultural heritage and why it needs to be preserved and protected.

There are six tour courses: Four cultural tours with cultural commentators and two tours with professional photographers.

The four cultural courses cover Busan’s heritage through different lenses: 

1) Provisional Capital, Busan: Gamcheon Culture Village, Choryang Ibagu-gil, Chang Kee-Ryo Memorial Hall and others

2) Cultural City, Busan: F1968, Busan Citizens Park and Busan Pyeonghwa Market 

3) The Flower of Resistance, Busan: Shanghai Street, Birth House of Patriot Park Cha-jeong and Democracy Park

4) The City of Film, Busan: Joseon Kinema Cooperation, Gukje Market and others

Photography enthusiasts may be interested in the two tours led by professional photographers. These tours are perfect for capturing unforgettable moments in iconic locations. Colorful City, Busan visits Gamcheon Culture Village and Jangnim Port. Quaint City, Busan covers Bosu Book Street and Yeongdo Port.

Participation in the tour is free for all Busan citizens. The first three programs are already fully booked, but you can still reserve your spot for the next three programs, starting in September. Each tour can accommodate 20 people, and reservations for the next three programs will open in August. For more information and to make a reservation, please visit the websites listed below. 

※ Busan Future Heritage Tour, June 2 to October.

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<Today's Vocabulary - 오늘의 단어>

heritage: 유산 preserve: 보존하다 provisional: 임시적인 resistance: 저항


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