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A conversation with a professor from Pukyong National University


Dr. Geoffrey Musyoki Kitetu, a Research Professor at Pukyong National University and a member of the Busan Foreign Residents Representative Council, shared his perspectives on life in Busan and reducing carbon emissions.

Q. Please introduce yourself to Daily Busan subscribers. 

My name is Geoffrey Musyoki Kitetu. I come from Kenya, and I've been in Busan for about 15 years. Now, I'm teaching and doing research at PKNU. 

Q. Could you tell me about your life in Busan? 

Positive. I've had lots of fun and made many friends. When I'm free, I volunteer at many environmental and social welfare events.

Q. What are the good parts of living in Busan? 

Busan's weather is fantastic, and the environment, scenery, and landscape are all wonderful. There are so many different views of the city to enjoy.

Q. I heard you are interested in reducing carbon emissions. Could you share your ideas on how to do so? 

Most importantly, when we talk about the environment pollution, we think about carbon emissions and other gases. These gases affect climate and human, animal, and plant health. However, many folks focus on climate change's economic impact while subconsciously ignoring the effect of these greenhouse gases on human, animal, and plant health. Individually, we should contribute towards environmental protection by minimizing waste. The Korean government should make supportive regulations and implement policies to help companies reduce environmental pollution.

When it comes to waste management in Korea, I'm truly impressed by the comprehensive garbage disposal and treatment system in place. I believe that other countries grappling with waste disposal and environmental pollution challenges can learn a great deal from the Korean model. In Korea, the real challenge lies in fostering a collective understanding and support for government plans. It's a team effort that can make our world cleaner and healthier. Let's continue to work together and spread the word!

Q. Busan is becoming more global than in the past. Do you have any ideas on making Busan more global? 

To make Busan a global city, it's all about the Busan folks the local people! The beginning point for making Busan global is for Busan folks to have a welcoming attitude, embrace people from diverse cultures, and showcase Busan culture to the world. It will only be conclusive if people from other places get to understand the culture of the people of Busan and Korean culture as a whole. It's a give-and-take situation. 

Q. Busan is currently implementing the English-Friendly City policy. Please share your opinions about it.

A long journey begins with one step, so it's a good beginning and a good step. However, one thing to consider is how much to demand from the Korean people. You must understand that changes should be gradual so people can digest them and know how to move forward without complicating their lives.

Q. As a foreign resident, do you have any recommendations for enhancing the city's appeal or amenities? 

One-way Busan city can enhance its appeal is by developing friendships with coastal sister cities in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. These friendships can also generate some economic benefits.

Interested in learning more about carbon emissions and enhancing Korea-African relations? 


Dr. Geoffrey Kitetu 

Research Professor - PKNU


<Today's Vocabulary - 오늘의 단어>

carbon emission: 탄소 배출 volunteer: 자원봉사하다 social welfare: 사회 복지 scenery: 경관  climate: 기후 waste: 쓰레기

Editor: Song Soomi

Copy Editors: Kim Miyoung, Anton J. Mapoy