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Calling all coffee lovers! World of Coffee comes to Busan in May

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Busan and The Specialty Coffee Association will cohost the World of Coffee trade show and the World Barista Championship 2024. The events will take place at BEXCO from May 1 to 4.

World of Coffee is the world’s number one specialty coffee trade show. The annual conference brings thousands of coffee professionals and enthusiasts together to celebrate specialty coffee. 

As the coffee trade hub of Korea, Busan is the perfect city to host the first WOC event held in Asia. Busan has become a global coffee destination thanks to its vibrant coffee culture and community of caffeine enthusiasts. In addition, some of the world’s best baristas call Busan home, including 2019 World Barista Champion Jeon Joo-yeon and 2022 World Cup Tasters Champion Moon Heon-gwan.

Over 12,000 java lovers from around the world are expected to attend the coffee conference. Visitors can look forward to the Roaster Village, where around 100 domestic and international roasteries will showcase their beans and brands to discerning palates. In addition, the SCA will offer lectures and educational presentations to help audience members expand their coffee knowledge and strengthen their businesses.

The World Barista Championship is an annual competition that pits national champion baristas against one another in a showcase of technical skill and brewing precision

This year, baristas from 60 countries will prepare four espressos, four milk beverages and four signature drinks during a 15-minute performance. A panel of sensory judges will score each performance on the taste and balance of each beverage, the presentation and the technique and cleanliness displayed by the barista. The coffeemaker with the highest score in the final round will be crowned the 2024 World Barista Champion.

Past winners include Ms. Jeon, co-head of Busan-based Momos Coffee and Paul Bassett, the barista behind the international coffeehouse chain that bears his name.

Discounted, early-bird tickets can be purchased online until April 28.

※ World of Coffee + World Barista Championship Busan 2024, April 1 to 4

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