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Busan to support healthy diets for moms and moms-to-be


Eating healthy food during pregnancy and throughout the first year of an infant’s life is essential for mothers’ and babies’ health. To encourage a healthy diet for moms, infants and moms-to-be, Busan is offering financial support to purchase eco-friendly food products. Individuals can apply for this government aid until March 15.

Selected moms can buy organic or pesticide-free produce, seafood and other food products at designated online stores; the Busan government will cover 80% of the total purchase, with a minimum amount of 50,000 won. Moms can use this program until their total purchase amount reaches 480,000 won (all in one go or over multiple shops).

Any Busan resident who is pregnant or gave birth after Jan. 1, 2023, is eligible for the promotion. Registered foreign residents are welcome to apply if they pay local taxes. 7,012 applicants will be selected by random lottery.

Interested individuals can learn more at Ecoemall ( and apply. Applications can also be submitted in person at your local district (gu) or county (gun) office. Supporting documents, such as a pregnancy confirmation letter or birth certificate, are required.

The affiliated online store and winners will be announced later. Deliveries will begin in April.

Where to apply:

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pregnancy: 임신 infant: 유아 encourage: 장려하다 eco-friendly: 친환경의 registered: 등록된 

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