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[Busan Travel Log] Visit Dadaepo Beach and enjoy the sunset!

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I visited Busan for my holiday. Most travelers might visit Haeundae or Gwangalli Beach because they are very famous for the luxurious restaurants in those areas. 

But I wanted to relax this time in a place where it’s not crowded. So, I picked Dadaepo and was very satisfied with my decision. 

To go to Dadaepo Beach, I took the subway line 1 from Busan station and got off at the last stop, Dadaepo Beach Station, without any transfers. So convenient, isn’t it? 

The scenery from the deck always gives me comfort. Then, I waited for the sunset while walking along the wide sands.

I watched the glow of the setting sun. The color of the sky was changing slowly and getting darker and deeper.  I just stood for a while, even forgetting to take pictures. Finally, the sun set. 

And then the fountain show started at 8 p.m. It was also very nice and beautiful. I called it a day. 

Why don't you visit Dadaepo and take pleasure in the beach like me?

From. Jeon Yeogeum

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