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Free TOPIK classes for international residents

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The Busan Global City Foundation offers free TOPIK classes for international residents in Busan from July 22 to 27. 

Potential students must be 19 or older, hold a long-term visa and take an online placement test. Registration is open until July 17.

Students can apply for one class. However, if there are vacancies, attending more than one class is possible. Each class accommodates 30 students and lasts three hours. All classes will take place in the lecture rooms at BGCF. 

TOPIK, the Test of Proficiency in Korean, is conducted by the National Institute for International Education. TOPIK assesses a non-native speaker’s Korean language skills and allows test-takers to use their results when applying to Korean companies or educational institutions. The test also promotes more widespread use of Korean and guides students in learning Korean as a second language.

※ Free TOPIK Class Enrollment until July 17 

◎ Where to apply:

◎ Busan Global City Foundation: 13F National Pension Building, 1000 Jungang-daero, Yeonje-gu

◎ Schedule

July 11 TOPIK_schedule

<Today's Vocabulary - 오늘의 단어>

potential:잠재적인 placement: 배치 vacancy: 공석 accommodate: 수용하다 assess: 평가하다

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