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Busan City provides medical coverage for underprivileged groups


Busan Metropolitan City supports medical expenses for foreign workers and marriage immigrants who are not eligible for medical insurance benefits. The program reimburses 90% of out-of-pocket medical payments such as hospitalization, surgery, or outpatient medical expenses for foreign workers, married immigrants, and their minor children. The program is expected to enhance the quality of life for international residents.

Patients who confirm they are eligible for the program are not required to pay in advance. After reviewing the evaluation by the National Health Insurance Corporation, City Hall and the Ministry of Health and Welfare will pay the medical costs directly to the medical institutions with the allocated budget for the program.

Patients can only receive benefits from designated hospitals: Busan National University Hospital, Busan Medical Center, Korea Population Health and Welfare Association Busan Branch, Ilshin Christian Hospital, Daedong Hospital, and Good Samsun Hospital. International residents who stay in Korea for over 90 days and receive a doctor’s judgment that their disease developed in Korea are eligible for the program.

However, injuries caused by traffic accidents or assaults and patients eligible for health security systems, including the National Health Insurance Service, are excluded from the program.

Patients are provided with free interpretation services. To use this service, request it at the hospital or contact the Busan Foreign Residents Center, as detailed below.

The city supported 234 medical expense cases for international residents in Busan during the first half of this year.

※ Medical facilities in the program  

list of hospitals

◎ Busan Foreign Residents Center: 051-304-4721

◎ Website:

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immigrant: 이주민 insurance: 보험 reimburse: 비용을 지급하다 expense: 비용 evaluation: 심사 assault: 가해 

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