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Rare artifacts and masterpieces draw thousands to the Busan Museum


The Busan Museum is hosting a special exhibition, “Generous Collectors: The Joy of Sharing the Pleasure of Collecting,” until July 7.

The exhibition showcases antiques, artifacts, and art from the personal collections of Korea’s most significant business leaders. The pieces on display come from corporate titans such as Lee Kun-hee, the former chairperson of Samsung Electronics, among others. The exhibition presents 58 artifacts, including 10 National Treasures.

Visitors can view the beauty of Korean antiques, such as the Celadon Lidded Prunus Vase with Incised Lotus Design and Kim Hong-do’s painting “Three Dukes” (Samgongbulhwando).

Visitors praise the exhibition as a must-see for fans of Korean beauty. Since the special exhibition opened on April 26, the number of visitors to the Busan Museum has surged, reaching a total of 45,000.

Notable exhibits include Yi Am’s "Blossoms, Birds, and Puppies," which is rarely revealed to the public, and legendary Korean abstract artist Kim Whanki’s favorite “Moon Jar” picture.

If you are interested in Korean art and culture, visit “Generous Collectors: The Joy of Sharing the Pleasure of Collecting.” The museum is closed on Mondays, and there is no admission fee for the exhibition. For details, visit the museum’s official website.

※ “Generous Collectors: The Joy of Sharing the Pleasure of Collecting,” until July 7

 ◎ The Busan Museum: 63 UN pyeonghwa-ro, Nam-gu

 ◎ Website:

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artifact: 유물 praise: 칭찬하다 surge: 급등하다

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