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Your guide to May festivals

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May is “Festival Month” in Busan. Daily Busan introduces you to festivals across the city so that you can join the celebrations!

■ Busan Lotus Lantern Festival, until May 12 at Songsanghyeon Square

The Busan Buddhist Association hosts the Busan Lotus Lantern Festival until May 12 at Songsanghyeon Square in Busanjin-gu District. The must-see lantern parade will start at 7:30 on May 11. The event features 3,000 participants marching a 2.2-kilometer route between Busan Citizens Park and Songsanghyeon Square while carrying colorful lanterns of all shapes and sizes.

While Busan’s major temples – Samgwangsa Temple, Beomeosa Temple and Haedong Yonggungsa Temple – will showcase awe-inspiring lantern displays, small temples citywide will also be lit up to celebrate the Buddha. Temples across the city will present Buddhist rituals and performances on May 15, Buddha’s Birthday.


■ Gwangalli Eobang Festival, May 10 to 12 at Gwangalli Beach and Suyeong Historical Park

Starting on May 10, the Gwangalli Eobang Festival will take place for three days at Gwangalli Beach and Suyeong Historical Park. Highlights include the Gyeongsang Jwasusa Parade, held in honor of an ancient naval commander from this area, and hands-on activities, including bare-handed fishing and fishing net experiences. Don’t miss a musical based on Eobang folklore and Jindueohwa (진두어화), a reproduction of the fishermen’s night fishing. The magnificent performance will light up the night ocean. 

Instagram: @eobang_festival

■ 2024 Joseon Tongsinsa Festival, May 3 to 5 at Gwangbok-dong

Under the theme of “We, the ones connected each other,” the 2024 Joseon Tongsinsa Festival will take place from May 3 to 5 at Gwangbok-dong and various locations across the city. The Joseson Tongsinsa was a large-scale delegation dispatched to Japan during the Joseon period to promote cultural exchange and peace between Joseon and Japan. Every May, the Joseon Tongsinsa Festival takes place at Gwangbok-ro, where Korean and Japanese participants hold a parade to honor Joseon’s delegation.

The festival covers various locations, such as F1963 in Mangmi-dong, Suyeong-gu District, Joseon Tongsinsa History Museum and Busan Port Coastal Passenger Terminal in Dong-gu District. Visit the festival’s official Instagram page to check the details and schedules of each area in advance.

Instagram: @joseon_tongsinsa

■ Haeundae Sand Festival 2024, May 24 to 27 Haeundae Beach

Busan’s most popular beach transforms into a magical place every spring, where the sand becomes amazing and unique sand sculptures. This year, 12 sand artists from the U.S., Canada, China and Korea will present sand art under the theme of “Grand Museum of Sand Artifacts.” Other programs include a crafts market and various activities. The sculptures will remain on display until June 6 for those who miss the festival period. 

Instagram: @sandfestival_haeundae

■ Global Gathering 2024, May 18 at the Busan Cinema Center

Global Gathering is Busan’s largest multicultural festival, marking its 19th anniversary this year. This year’s event will take place from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on May 18 at the Busan Cinema Center in Centum City. Festivalgoers can enjoy traditional performances, cultural experiences and artwork from 30 countries. Locals, international residents and representatives of foreign consulates, cultural centers and expat communities will operate exhibition booths where visitors can learn about different cultures. In addition, traditional crafts and foods will be available for purchase.


■ Geumjeongsanseong Festival, May 24 to 26 at Geumjeongsanseong Fortress Square

For the second consecutive year, the Busan City Festival Promotion Committee selected the Geumjeongsanseong Fortress Festival as one of the best festivals on the city’s calendar. The festival will take place from May 24 to 26 at Geumjeongsan Mountain and Geumjeongsanseong Fortress, the largest fortress in Korea. Visitors can participate in various programs, including walking tours of Geumjeongsanseong Fortress and folk activities. 


■ Global Yeongdo Coffee Festival, May 24 to 26 at Amir Park

Yeongdo Island, known as “Coffee Island,” will offer visitors a rich and fresh coffee aroma during the 2024 Global Yeongdo Coffee Festival, held from May 24 to 26 at Amir Park. The six-year-old festival showcases a variety of coffee culture content in one spot, including tasting specialty coffees from around the globe and hands-on activities such as coffee bean roasting and brewing hand-drip coffee.

Instagram: @yeongdo_coffeefestival

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awe-inspiring: 장엄한 delegation: 대표단 sculpture: 조각 consecutive: 연속된  


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