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Your guide to Busan’s spring blossoms

Spring has sprung after a cold, harsh winter, and the flowers are in full bloom. Every corner of the city will greet the citizens who want to enjoy cherry blossoms in the perfect season for picnics. Here are some locations where you can meet Busan’s most cherished blossoms. 


🌸Haeundae Dalmajigil Road

Haeundae Dalmajigil Road welcomes visitors with the full bloom of the pink cherry blossoms every spring. During this peak season for the flower, even cars slow down their speed to enjoy the beautiful course. The spectacular view created by the clear blue sky, deep blue sea and pink flowers always excites visitors. Plus, as one of the best driving roads in Busan, Dalmajigil Road in Haeundae is lined with diverse restaurants and cafés.

◎ Address: 190 Dalmaji-gil, Haeundae-gu


🌸Samnak Ecological Park

Particularly in spring, more than 3,000 cherry trees planted along the Nakdonggang Riverside create an endless flower tunnel. When the sun sets, and the lights are turned on, the park creates a romantic atmosphere. It is a haven for picnickers, strollers and cyclists. If you are looking for something romantic this spring, visit the Samnak Ecological Park with your loved ones.

◎ Address: 29-46 Samnak-dong, Sasang-gu 


🌸Gaegeum Cherry Blossom Road

Gaegeum Cherry Blossom Road is a hidden cherry blossom spot in Busan. It can only be reached by hiking up Kkakkomak Hill in Gaegeum-dong Village at the foot of the Eomgwangsan Mountain. While you are walking through the decked road, you can find alleys and locals living in the area, which create a friendly and lively environment. The view of the alleyways awash in cherry blossoms warms your heart.

◎ Address: 5 Jinsa-ro 48beon-gil Busanjin-gu



Oncheoncheon is another famous cherry blossom destination, located just off Dongnae Station on metro line 1. The contrast created by the yellow canola flowers and pink cherry blossoms has been a perfect backdrop for photoshoots. It is a perfect place to feel the spring breeze and the beauty of the season. Take out a cup of coffee from a nearby cafe and lose yourself in the breeze!

◎ Address: 451 Oncheoncheon-ro, Dongnae-gu

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