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Celebrate Family Month with Musinsa


Busan Metropolitan City and fashion retailer Musinsa are ready to offer special event photography services to Busan residents in their 60s. 

The “HIP BUSAN” event gives participants an exceptional chance to take pictures and capture the youngest they will be for the rest of their lives. Selected applicants will get a free photoshoot while wearing trendy attire from Musinsa. 

To apply, find the link-in-bio on Busan’s official Instagram profile, @busancity. Applications are open until April 3.

Musinsa is South Korea's premier fashion platform, providing fashion magazine online promotion services and on- and offline shopping malls.

May is known as "Family Month" in Korea because it has Children's Day and Parents' Day. This is a great chance to celebrate special days with your family members. 

Five applicants will be selected to receive a free photo shoot and a free meal voucher for two at one of the 2024 Michelin-selected restaurants in Busan. The locations behind their stories will be used as backdrops for photo shoots to tell vivid stories of their good old days.

The shooting is scheduled from the third to fourth week of April, and individual schedules will be notified later. The applicants and the person in the story will take pictures together, and the best photo will be framed and given as a gift.


Busan citizens of all ages can apply for the promotion, but the story they submit must be about a family member or friend over 60. For details, visit the official social media channels of Busan City. 

◎ Instagram: @busancity

◎ YouTube: @Busan_is_good

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exceptional: 특별한 attire: 의상 premier: 최고의 vivid: 생생한 

Editor: Song Soomi

Copy Editors: Kim Miyoung, Anton J. Mapoy