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Drive electric and save money


People who purchase an electronic vehicle this year are eligible to receive a subsidy from the Busan Metropolitan City government. The subsidies are offered through Dec. 13.

Passenger cars can receive up to 9 million won and trucks can receive up to 14.5 million won. The exact subsidy amount is calculated based on the recommended retail price of each vehicle.

For more information, visit the Ministry of Environment’s official website on electronic vehicles.

Residents, corporations, public institutions and local public enterprises that have been registered in Busan for at least three months may apply for the EV subsidy. Foreigners who hold a F-4 or F-5 visa may also apply, provided that their remaining period of sojourn is over 24 months. 

To apply for the EV subsidy, fill out and submit the application form available on Busan’s government portal. Then, submit the completed application to the car dealership from which you purchased your vehicle. 

◎ Inquiry: Carbon Neutrality Policy Division (051-888-3551∼9)

◎ Announcement: Click 

◎ Ministry of Environment’s website on electric vehicles:

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