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MoCA Busan exhibition examines ‘local’ culture

source: MoCA

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Busan hosts the exhibition “THIS IS NOT JUST LOCAL: TACTICAL PRACTICES” until July 7.

The exhibition showcases 149 art pieces throughout the museum and outdoor gardens. Several of the works are a collaboration between citizens in a community art program and reflect social phenomena and local stories. 

On Feb. 23, artist Yang Jazoo worked with 15 participants to complete “Dots Busan,” a mural of thousands of fingerprints. Her project started from the redevelopment areas in Busan in 2015 and was presented to countries in Europe and Russia.

Performances, education workshops, meetings and movies will be presented to increase spectator engagement. 

To participate in the exhibition, check out the Busan Metropolitan City Integrated Booking Service or call the museum. However, there is no need to make reservations for movie screenings and performances. During the exhibition period, 23 movies will be screened every month. To check the schedule, visit the official website of the MoCA Busan.


 ◎ The Museum of Contemporary Art Busan: 1191, Nakdongnam-ro, Saha-gu

 ◎ Reservation: Busan Metropolitan City Integrated Booking Service (Click here

 ◎ Schedule:

 ◎ Inquiry: 051-220-7352

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