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Dongbaek Pass for everyone

Dongbaek Pass, the nation's first integrated public transit discount system, will launch a prepaid version on March 18. As a result, more public transit riders can take advantage of the pass’s various benefits. The initial Dongbaek Pass, launched last August, is only available to individuals who can be issued a credit card. Thus, registering for the pass was difficult for foreigners and minors. The prepaid version eliminates this requirement.

Dongbaek Pass users receive rebates when their monthly public transit expenses exceed 45,000 won, with a maximum rebate of 45,000 won. For example, a rider who spends 60,000 won monthly on public transit will receive a 15,000 won rebate the following month.

For prepaid users, the monthly rebate will be paid out as Dongbaek Jeon Points, which can be spent at affiliated businesses citywide.

Individuals can acquire a Dongbaek Pass at any Busan Bank branch, the Dongbaek Jeon app or the EZL TOP-UP app. The card can be charged at metro stations, convenience stores or through the apps.

As part of its pursuit of becoming a global hub city, Busan will provide information to foreigners in four languages: English, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese.

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integrated: 통합적인 public transit: 대중교통 prepaid: 선불의 rebate: 환불 affiliated: 연계된

Editor: Song Soomi

Copy Editors: Kim Miyoung, Anton J. Mapoy